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La araña pequeñita – Childish song

“The Little Spider”, also known as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in English, is a popular children’s song that has been sung and enjoyed by generations of children around the world. Here are more details about this song:

Origin: Although the exact origin of the song is uncertain, it is believed to have roots in oral tradition and has been passed down from generation to generation. Variations exist in different languages and cultures, but the basic structure of the song remains similar.

Lyrics: The lyrics of “The Little Spider” describe the adventures of a spider who climbs a water pipe and is then washed away by the rain. Despite the obstacles, the spider does not give up and climbs the pipe again when the sun rises. The song ends with the spider happily weaving its web in the sun.

Melody: The melody is upbeat and catchy, making it easy for children to learn and sing. The repetitive structure of the song, along with the associated gestures, such as moving your fingers like a spider going up and down, makes it very entertaining for little ones.

Usage: “The Little Spider” is a song widely used in educational and entertainment environments for children, such as nurseries, kindergartens and children’s television programs. It is used to teach basic concepts such as the sequence of events and to encourage participation and movement.

Adaptations: Over time, the song has been adapted in different languages and cultural contexts, sometimes with variations in lyrics or melody. There are also animated versions of the song that visually show the spider’s story.

In short, “The Little Spider” is a classic children’s song that has entertained and taught children around the world with its cheerful melody and charming story about a spider’s determination.

Lyrics of the song


La araña pequeñita
subió, subió, subió.
Vino la lluvia
y se la llevó.
Salió el sol
y todo lo secó.
Y la araña pequeñita
subió, subió, subió.

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