Welcome to Korespa,

Korespa is a content magazine for all those who want to know about everything related to the Spanish-speaking world: countries, culture, history, food, music, characters, signs of identity and everything that surrounds them.

This is the English version of our magazine and where we will try to bring our culture closer to you.

In it, you can find very diverse content in Spanish, you can read articles, watch videos or listen to songs in Spanish while taking a tour of their culture, traditions, recipes, festivals, music … And while you discover a part of how you live and feel in Spanish from your own country.

The tapas, the beaches, the songs, the north and the south, the weather, its people, the monuments, its history, its festivals, its recipes, sports, expressions, and sayings are the contents that you will find in Korespa.

Sharing the language with Latin America, makes us join many things on both sides of Atlántico, therefore, the culture and way of life of Spanish-speaking countries will be present in this unique magazine edited especially for you.

In an illustrative, entertaining, flexible and dynamic way, Korespa aims to address a wide variety of general and concrete topics, traditional and current, from the most typical to unusual curiosities.

If you prefer, you have the option to translate the texts into your language by clicking on the flag (by Google Translate).

The idea is that you look into Spanish without moving from your sofa while thinking of meeting us personally or coming back to continue discovering our culture.

Live, listen, feel, sing and savour in Spanish while practising the language and having fun.


We hope you enjoy it!

The Korespa team