Learn to dance salsa easily

Learning to dance salsa has a multitude of benefits, among others, having fun to the sound of new rhythms of Cuban origin while staying in shape.

Salsa is a happy, dynamic, elegant and sensual musical rhythm that makes you move your feet almost without wanting to hear it.

CUÁNDO A TU NOVIA LE GUSTA BAILAR Y LE ANIMAS A AHACERLO 🔥 IG : @juan_diego_mt – Juan Diego Madrid Timbera

In addition, it is a therapy that allows you to disconnect from daily problems and stress, improves self-esteem, exercises your whole body, you can lose weight because you burn calories while dancing, increases the production of endorphins, known as the “hormones of the happiness”, and in general because dance, according to the American Council on Exercise ( ACE ), helps prevent senility by keeping the mind agile, promoting memory, preventing ageing and improving blood circulation.

Dance it at home, in dance schools or even in fitness classes.

You alone or alone, as a couple or in a group. And it is suitable for any age.

Stravadanza girls Salsa Demo | Benidorm Summer Festival 2019 | by Dance Vida Dance Vida

Salsa is a danceable musical genre whose origins are the synthesis of the Cuban son and other genres of Caribbean music , mixed with  jazz , and other American rhythms.

Fernando Sosa & Tatiana Bonaguro – Salsa social dancing | The Original Latin Dance Congress 2019 abdel baila baila

The roots of salsa are based on different Cuban genres such as the Cuban son, specifically to the beat of the Son Montuno of the twenties. However, being popular music, it is open to improvisation and, therefore, it is in continuous evolution.

Here we leave you a course with the basic steps so that you can start dancing and enjoying yourself from now on.

Basic steps to dance salsa


¡Saaaaal-sa!       Dance!

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