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As of my last knowledge update, El Salvador has a diverse radio landscape featuring a mix of public and private radio stations that provide a variety of content, including news, music, talk shows, and cultural programs. It’s important to note that the information provided here is based on the status as of that date, and changes may have occurred since then. Additionally, due to the numerous radio stations in El Salvador, it’s not possible to cover every individual station, but I’ll highlight some major ones along with their URLs for online listening.

Public Radio:

  1. Radio Nacional de El Salvador:
    • Description: Radio Nacional de El Salvador is the public radio station of the country. It offers a mix of educational, cultural, and informative programming.
    • Online Streaming: Radio Nacional de El Salvador

Private Radio Stations:

  1. YXY Radio 105.7 FM:

    • Description: YXY Radio is a popular private radio station in El Salvador that plays a mix of contemporary music, including Latin hits and international pop.
    • Online Streaming: YXY Radio
  2. Radio Corporación 97.3 FM:

    • Description: Radio Corporación is a private radio station known for its news coverage, talk shows, and music programming.
    • Online Streaming: Radio Corporación
  3. Radio Cadena YSKL 104.1 FM:

    • Description: YSKL is a private radio station offering a variety of programming, including news, music, and talk shows.
    • Online Streaming: Radio Cadena YSKL

Music and Entertainment:

  1. Exa FM 91.3:

    • Description: Exa FM is a private radio station known for playing contemporary music, including pop, rock, and electronic hits.
    • Online Streaming: Exa FM El Salvador
  2. Cool FM 89.3:

    • Description: Cool FM is a radio station that focuses on playing a variety of music genres, catering to diverse listener preferences.
    • Online Streaming: Cool FM

News and Talk Radio:

  1. Radio 102nueve:

    • Description: Radio 102nueve is a private radio station known for its news coverage, talk shows, and analysis on current affairs.
    • Online Streaming: Radio 102nueve
  2. Radio Monumental 101.3 FM:

    • Description: Radio Monumental is a private radio station that covers news, talk shows, and sports programs. It is known for providing in-depth coverage of current events.
    • Online Streaming: Radio Monumental

Christian Radio:

  1. Radio Luz 97.7 FM:

    • Description: Radio Luz is a Christian radio station that focuses on religious programming, including music and spiritual content.
    • Online Streaming: Radio Luz
  2. Radio Restauración 107.9 FM:

    • Description: Radio Restauración is another Christian radio station that provides religious content and music with a focus on spiritual messages.
    • Online Streaming: Radio Restauración

University and Educational Radio:

  1. Radio UTEC 89.7 FM:
    • Description: Radio UTEC is the radio station of the Technological University of El Salvador (UTEC). It offers educational and cultural programming.
    • Online Streaming: Radio UTEC

Challenges and Considerations:

  1. Media Landscape Challenges: El Salvador’s media landscape faces challenges related to media ownership, economic conditions, and ensuring a diversity of perspectives. The concentration of media ownership can impact the variety of content presented.

  2. Digital Transformation: The digital transformation of the media industry has influenced radio broadcasting in El Salvador. Many radio stations have adapted by offering online streaming services, podcasts, and utilizing digital platforms to reach a broader audience.

  3. Social and Political Context: Like many countries, El Salvador’s media environment is influenced by social and political factors. It’s essential to consider the broader context in which media operates, including issues related to press freedom and independence.


El Salvador’s radio landscape, featuring stations like YXY Radio, Radio Corporación, Exa FM, and others, reflects the diverse interests of the Salvadoran audience. Stations cater to various preferences, including news, talk shows, music, and educational content.

Challenges related to the media landscape and economic conditions have influenced the dynamics of radio broadcasting in El Salvador. Despite these challenges, radio remains a significant medium for information, entertainment, and cultural expression.

For the most up-to-date information and to listen to specific radio stations, it is recommended to visit the official websites provided or use dedicated radio streaming platforms. As of my last knowledge update, the information presented here offers a snapshot of the radio landscape in El Salvador.

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