Irene and Rocio new promises of flamenco

To see the video from YouTube hit here

Irene “la Cartujana” and Rocío “la Mimbre” are the spokespersons for Grupo Triana and contestants of GOT Talent Spain.

In their presentation on the Got Talent television program, they said “We would like to convey to all of you the art of our neighbourhood”, then holding an exhibition corroborated these words by showing what they know how to do and are passionate about.

Talent, art, rhythm, power, synchronization… are combined and blend in unison in an elaborate flamenco choreography.

The dance is done with callao. This word, used in Flemish jargon, means staff (a type of staff with a curved handle).

The callao, in addition to being used as a percussion instrument to keep time, provides great showiness to the group of dancers in the performance.

The girls that makeup Grupo Triana are between 9 and 13 years old and are from Orcasitas, a very small neighbourhood in Madrid where artists like them come from, forming Grupo Triana.

This new generation of flamenco dancers has plenty of talent to become great flamenco artists.

The opinion of the jury of the contest

The contest jury, made up of Dani Martínez, Edurne and Risto Mejide, thus reacted to the surprising performance of Irene and Rocío and their group.

Dani Martínez : «The proposal freaked me out, everything freaked me out. Rhythm, how you were in rhythm all the time, you were even at heights. Everything very careful, a flamenco proposal that amused me, moved me».

Edurne : «You can see a lot of work but a lot of talent. Obviously, without talent, performances like the one you just did cannot come out. It seemed that you were all dancing individually, each one your personality, power and it is to be appreciated because even if you are in a group, each one has its essence».

Risto Mejide: «When Irene ‘La Cartujana’ and Rocío ‘La Mimbre’ appeared, I thought that I would love one of those nicknames. As far as your number is concerned, I don’t know if you know the mallorets, I thought look at the flamenco mallorets. It’s something I’ve never seen on ‘Got Talent’, executed in a very professional way and no matter what happens, you’ll get Risto’s yes from the start».

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To see the video from YouTube hit here

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