Qué desayunan los españoles

What do the Spanish eat for breakfast?

Breakfast in Spain is usually very varied and diverse, in which coffee occupies an important place.
Spaniards eat coffee with milk or cola cao for breakfast accompanied by toast , cereals, churros, cookies, muffins,… and orange juice.

The coffee

Coffee is very common in Spanish breakfast, either at the bar or made at home.

Qué desayunan los españoles
coffee shop espresso
What do the Spanish eat for breakfast? Among other things, the Spanish have breakfast mostly with coffee.

It is usually taken alone or with milk, in many different ways depending on the proportions of coffee or milk, and each one of them has a name. For example, if it has a lot of milk and little coffee, it is called a “spotted”.

Qué desayunan los españoles
Cafetera por goteo
Qué desayunan los españoles
Cafetera express casera


These are the most used coffee makers every morning at home, along with the capsule coffee maker.

In addition to coffee, it is very popular for children and young people to have a Colacao.

It is a milk-soluble cocoa that is part of the classic Spanish breakfast. Although it is also taken as a snack or before going to bed.

If you travel or live outside of Spain, you take it with you or take it with you wherever you are. If you are one of his fans, you cannot do without it.


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The cookies

Another of the essentials for many at breakfasts is cookies.

Qué desayunan los españoles
Galleta María


This cookie is of the Maria type and is the most traditional and consumed for breakfast.

They are eaten alone or spread with chocolate cream or butter.

But the particularity is in dipping the cookies in milk, cacao or coffee.

Qué desayunan los españoles
Biscuit dipped in milk

Whoever discovers that flavor as a child will possibly continue dipping cookies even as an adult.

Try it, and decide for yourself. Maybe you like it.

On the other hand, there are also cupcakes of various types and shapes.

The cupcakes

Que desayunan los españoles
Magdalena Valenciana

The madeleine or madeleine is a small traditional bun from France and Spain of uncertain origin. Cupcakes have an elongated, square or round shape.

And they taste similar to lemon-flavoured sponge cake.


The Toasts

But perhaps the most consumed for breakfast by Spaniards both at home and in bars, are toasts.

Que desayunan los españoles.TostadasTostada de mollete con aceite de olivaIt is usually served in a very simple way: the bread is lightly toasted until it is crunchy and somewhat rough on its surface, in this case, the toast is usually broken with a spoon or knife so that the oil can penetrate a little more and then it is poured a gush.

You can take them only with olive oil, with olive oil and ham, with butter, with “Manteca colorá” (based on lard, paprika and minced pork),…


Pan con tomate, aceite y jamón
Pan con tomate, aceite de oliva y jamón

In Catalonia the “ Pa amb tomàquet ” (bread with tomato) is very traditional, accompanied by oil and ham.

The churros

And for the end, we have reserved the most typical and appreciated food for breakfast: the churros.

It is very typical to have churros for breakfast

Exquisite with chocolate.

It is common to go to the churrería on Saturdays or Sundays to buy churros wrapped in paper and take them home with the family.


The terraces

In addition to what do the Spanish eat for breakfast?, we add, where do the Spanish have breakfast?

The Spanish often have breakfast in bars and cafeterias.

Terraza de cafetería
Terraza de cafetería para desayunar

Many of them specialize in breakfasts and have terraces where you can have breakfast in the morning, even in winter when it’s sunny.

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