Guatemala regions and provinces

Guatemala, a Central American country with a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, is divided into 22 departments, each contributing to the nation’s unique identity. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the provinces, their capitals, and the distinctive features that make Guatemala a fascinating and multifaceted country.

1. Alta Verapaz

Capital Cobán
Semuc Champey A natural monument with limestone pools and a stunning turquoise river.
Caves of Lanquin Expansive cave systems with underground rivers and unique geological formations.

2. Baja Verapaz

Capital Salamá
Sierra de las Minas A mountain range with diverse ecosystems, including cloud forests and wildlife.
Chilascó Waterfall A picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation.

3. Chimaltenango

Capital Chimaltenango
Iximché Archaeological Site A Mayan archaeological site with ancient ruins and ceremonial structures.
Acatenango Volcano A popular trekking destination with breathtaking views of neighboring volcanoes.

4. Chiquimula

Capital Chiquimula
Copán Ruins (Honduras) While not in Guatemala, these Mayan ruins are nearby and offer intricate carvings and stelae.
Cerro el Balón A hill with archaeological significance and panoramic views.

5. Petén

Capital Flores
Tikal National Park A UNESCO World Heritage site with ancient Mayan ruins and a diverse array of wildlife.
Yaxhá Another significant Mayan archaeological site surrounded by lush jungle.

6. El Progreso

Capital Guastatoya
Cerro Redondo A hill with archaeological remains and a viewpoint overlooking the region.
Guastatoya The provincial capital known for its agricultural production, including sugarcane.

7. Quetzaltenango (Xela)

Capital Quetzaltenango
Santa María Volcano An active volcano with one of the most consistently active lava flows in the world.
Central Park The main square of Quetzaltenango surrounded by historic buildings and vibrant street life.

8. Escuintla

Capital Escuintla
Puerto San José A Pacific coast town known for its beaches and as a gateway to the Pacific Ocean.
Sipacate-Naranjo National Park A coastal park with mangrove forests and diverse bird species.

9. Guatemala

Capital Guatemala City
Antigua Guatemala A UNESCO World Heritage site with well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture.
National Palace of Culture A historic building in Guatemala City that houses cultural exhibits and government offices.

10. Huehuetenango

Capital Huehuetenango
Laguna Brava A high-altitude lake surrounded by mountains and cloud forests.
Todos Santos Cuchumatán A town known for its traditional Mayan culture and vibrant market.

11. Izabal

Capital Puerto Barrios
Lake Izabal The largest lake in Guatemala, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance.
Rio Dulce A river surrounded by lush rainforest, leading to the Caribbean Sea.

12. Jalapa

Capital Jalapa
Cerro San Gil A hill offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
Jalapa The provincial capital known for its coffee production and scenic surroundings.

13. Jutiapa

Capital Jutiapa
Güija Lake A lake on the border with El Salvador, offering recreational activities.
Jutiapa The provincial capital with a mix of colonial and modern architecture.

14. Quiché

Capital Santa Cruz del Quiché
Chichicastenango A town famous for its traditional market and Santo Tomás Church.
K’umarcaaj (Utatlán) The ruins of a K’iche’ Maya city and capital.

15. Retalhuleu

Capital Retalhuleu
Tak’alik Ab’aj An archaeological site with Olmec and Maya influences.
IRTRA Xetulul A theme park with replicas of famous landmarks from around the world.

16. Sacatepéquez

Capital Antigua Guatemala
Volcán de Agua A stratovolcano overlooking Antigua and offering hiking opportunities.
La Merced Church A baroque-style church in Antigua with intricate architecture.

17. San Marcos

Capital San Marcos
Sibinal A town surrounded by mountains, offering views of the Tajumulco Volcano.
Tajumulco Volcano The highest peak in Central America, popular among hikers.

18. Santa Rosa

Capital Cuilapa
Monterrico A beach town on the Pacific coast known for its black volcanic sand.
Hawaii Beach A popular surfing destination with consistent waves.

19. Sololá

Capital Sololá
Lake Atitlán A stunning highland lake surrounded by volcanoes and indigenous villages.
Chichicastenango Known for its vibrant market and traditional Mayan culture.

20. Suchitepéquez

Capital Mazatenango
Takalik Maya Lodge An eco-lodge near Tak’alik Ab’aj, offering cultural and archaeological experiences.
Chikab’al Lagoon A lagoon surrounded by mangroves and rich biodiversity.

21. Totonicapán

Capital Totonicapán
Chicabal Lagoon A sacred Mayan lagoon surrounded by cloud forest.
Totonicapán The provincial capital known for its indigenous traditions and handicrafts.

22. Zacapa

Capital Zacapa
Rio Hondo A river popular for tubing and water activities.
Zacapa The provincial capital known for its hot climate and sugarcane production.


Guatemala’s 22 departments, each with its own distinct characteristics, collectively contribute to the country’s cultural richness and natural beauty. From the ancient ruins of Tikal in Petén to the colonial charm of Antigua Guatemala in Sacatepéquez, and from the highland landscapes of Quetzaltenango to the coastal allure of
Izabal, Guatemala offers a diverse array of experiences for travelers.
As Guatemala continues to embrace its indigenous heritage, protect its natural wonders, and navigate its future, the departments and their capitals play a vital role in shaping the country’s narrative. Whether exploring the Mayan ruins, hiking in the highlands, or relaxing on the Pacific beaches, Guatemala invites visitors on a journey of discovery and appreciation for its cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes.

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