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Advanced Flamenco Course by Marco Flores

This is an advanced flamenco course offered by Bailaor Marco Flores and the National Ballet of Spain.

Flamenco in essence, in a rehearsal room. Great teacher and a great ballet.

Marco Flores Biography: A Dance Maestro’s Journey from Flamenco’s Heartland

Among the different awards received, he stands out for being the winner of the Absolute Dance Prize of the National Flamenco Art Contest , in 2007.

With special dance awards such as the Carmen Amaya Award, the Mario Maya Award and the Antonio Gades Award in the 2007 edition.

Since 2010, she has directed her own dance company, Cía Marco Flores, which has productions such as “DeFlamencas”, “Tránsito” and “Laberíntica”, among others.


The National Ballet of Spain (BNE) is currently the greatest exponent of Spanish dance, showing all the dance styles of our country in the most outstanding theatres in the world through very different shows that include tradition and avant-garde, school bowling, classical Spanish dance, folklore and flamenco.

The National Ballet of Spain (BNE) is a dance company founded in 1978 with an outstanding number of national and international annual tours.

In 2008, 2010 and 2012, 2014, the BNE has been awarded the Teatro de Rojas (Toledo) Awards for Best Dance Show, awarded by the public and, in August 2010, the International Festival of Cante de las Minas has awarded the Extraordinary Prize for Performing Arts for his magnificent contribution to the preservation and dissemination of the best flamenco.

In 2014 the BNE received the FEAPS Award for collaboration in social inclusion.

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