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Peru: The most relevant newspapers

Peru has a diverse media landscape with newspapers playing a crucial role in shaping public opinion, informing citizens, and reflecting the country’s cultural and political diversity. Here are some of the most relevant newspapers in Peru:

El Comercio

El Comercio is one of the oldest and most widely read newspapers in Peru. Founded in 1839, it covers a wide range of topics, including national and international news, politics, business, sports, and culture. El Comercio is known for its comprehensive coverage and has a strong online presence.

La República

La República is a prominent Peruvian newspaper known for its investigative journalism and in-depth reporting. It covers national and international news, politics, business, and cultural events. La República has a significant online readership.

Perú 21

Perú 21 is a popular newspaper in Peru that provides coverage of news, politics, entertainment, and sports. It has a modern and dynamic online platform, making it accessible to a wide audience.


Gestión is a leading business and economic newspaper in Peru. It focuses on financial news, market analysis, and reports on economic developments both in Peru and internationally. Gestión is a valuable resource for professionals, investors, and those interested in economic trends.


Expreso is a newspaper with a long history in Peru, providing coverage of news, politics, business, and culture. It has a presence both in print and online, catering to a diverse readership.


Correo is a widely circulated newspaper in Peru with coverage of news, politics, sports, and entertainment. It has regional editions and offers online content to reach a broader audience.


Ojo is a popular newspaper in Peru that covers a variety of topics, including news, politics, entertainment, and lifestyle. It has a modern online platform that engages readers with multimedia content.


Andina is a state-owned news agency in Peru that provides official information on national and international events. It covers news, politics, economics, and cultural events, serving as a key source for official communications.

Diario Correo

Diario Correo is a widely read newspaper with coverage of news, politics, sports, and entertainment. It has a strong online presence, making its content accessible to a broad audience.

El Popular

El Popular is a newspaper with a focus on news, politics, and cultural events. It has a significant readership and provides online content to keep the public informed.

These newspapers cover a wide range of topics and cater to diverse readerships in Peru. In addition to these traditional newspapers, there are also online news portals and digital platforms that have gained popularity in recent years.

In conclusion, Peru’s media landscape is characterized by a variety of newspapers that provide diverse perspectives and cover a wide array of topics. The presence of both traditional and digital platforms reflects the dynamic nature of the country’s media environment, contributing to the ongoing dialogue and information dissemination in Peru.

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