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Letter to the Three Wise Men and Parade

Write your Letter to the Magi, we tell you how you can do it. We also show you how they come to the cities to bring gifts to the children when they sleep.

Letter to the Three Wise Men is a story full of magic, which is lived and recreated every year at Christmas in many Spanish and Latin American cities and in Gibraltar.

The Three Wise Men are three wise men who travel on camels following a star to bring gifts to children while they sleep.

The Three Wise Men arrive in the city on January 5 of each year in a lavish parade with all their procession, and then at night when the children sleep they take the gifts home.

When the children wake up in the morning they find a lot of gifts that the kings have left in their house overnight.

The mystery of the vast majority of Spanish children is how do camels get into the house?

But of course, they are magicians and magicians do magic.

In many cities in Spain, you can see them arrive.

As the camels rest from their long journey, they make their majestic entrance in a magnificent parade of floats and shower loads of candy to the children who see them arrive.


Three Wise Men parade in Seville (2019)

Letter to the Magi

Legend has it that two thousand years ago, these three wise men from Europe, the East and Africa heard of the birth of Jesus.

Then, guided by a great star in the sky, they traveled to Bethlehem to offer him gold, frankincense, and myrrh as a gift.

RRMM red gift

Since then, every year at Christmas they travel from the Far East, on their camels with carriages loaded with gifts to deliver them to the children’s homes while they sleep.

Nobody knows how they do it, but their magic really works.

If you want to try it, there are several things you should know:

  • The first thing you have to do is write a Letter to the Three Wise Men before Christmas. In it you must write that you have been very good during this year, they like this a lot. Next, you can write what you would like them to bring you as gifts when they pass through your city.
RRMM green gift
  • Give it to your parents or caregivers and they will send it to the Three Wise Men.
  • You should also know that the Three Wise Men do not use telephones or computers.

So forget about calls, WhatsApp or emails.

They have never used them (that is known).

  • Another important thing is that the Three Wise Men are very grateful that at night before you go to bed, you leave three glasses of milk with some sweets prepared for them.

oh! And don’t forget a water bowl for the camels. It is a very long night for them and so they can recover energy.

RRMM crown

At least, that’s how Spanish children do it.

oh! Remember that you must go to bed early because the Kings

They will only come when you are fast asleep.

Be good and may they bring you nice gifts!

Roscon de Reyes

Roscon de Reyes
Roscon de Reyes

There is a special sweet for that day, it is the Roscón de Reyes. It is similar to a sponge cake filled with cream and a surprise is hidden inside, maybe it will be your turn.

The day of the Three Kings for Spanish children is on January 6,

but you can write in the letter the day you would like them to go to your city,

within your Christmas holidays.

You can also enjoy Three Kings Day, but…

Only if you believe in magic.

Christmas carols


Happy king’s day!

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