Honduras UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Honduras has some UNESCO World Heritage Site. Please note that new sites may have been added or changes may have occurred since then. Here is the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Honduras, along with a brief explanation of its significance:

Maya Site of Copán (1980)

The Maya Site of Copán is an archaeological site representing the southernmost center of the Mayan civilization. The site includes a complex of temples, plazas, and ceremonial structures. The intricately carved stelae and altars at Copán are renowned for their artistic and hieroglyphic inscriptions, providing valuable insights into Mayan history, culture, and astronomy. Copán played a significant role in the Maya civilization during the Classic Period (AD 250-900) and is recognized for its exceptional artistry and architectural achievements.

Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve (1982)

Located on the watershed of the Río Plátano, the reserve is one of the few remains of a tropical rainforest in Central America and has an abundant and varied plant and wildlife. In its mountainous landscape sloping down to the Caribbean coast, over 2,000 indigenous people have preserved their traditional way of life.


The Maya Site of Copán stands as a testament to the advanced civilization of the Maya in Central America. Its UNESCO designation underscores the importance of preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the site, contributing to our understanding of ancient civilizations in the region. As ongoing efforts continue to protect and study Copán, it remains a valuable archaeological site that sheds light on the complexities of Maya culture and society.

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