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Seneca phrases

Phrases by Seneca were selected from among the most famous of his works.

Lucius Anneo Seneca ( Corduba, 4 BC- Rome, AD 65), was a Roman philosopher, politician, orator and writer known for his moralistic works.

Seneca stood out as an intellectual and as a politician. An accomplished orator, he was a predominant figure in Roman politics.


Famous phrases of Seneca


1. “It matters much more what you think of yourself than what others think of you.”

2. “The reward of a good deed is having done it.” [39]

3. «Long is the path of teaching by means of theories; brief and effective by means of examples. [43]

4. “What the laws do not prohibit, honesty can prohibit.” [Four. Five]

5. «I was not born for a single corner, nor as a tree. My homeland is the whole world”. [3]

6. “You do not enjoy the possession of any property if it is not in company.” [60]

7. “It is difficult to have everyone as friends; it is enough not to have them as enemies». [23]

8. «There are things that to know them it is not enough to have learned them». [28]

9. “No one can wear the mask for long.” [14]

10. “We do not dare to do many things because they are difficult, but they are difficult because we do not dare to do them.”

11. “Recollect yourself when you can, look for those who can make you better, and also receive those who you can improve.” [77]

12. “Know that when one is a friend to himself, he is also a friend to the whole world.” [78]

13. “Knowing something more than others is easy, what is difficult is knowing something better than others.” [79]

14. “He hurts more than necessary who hurts sooner than necessary.” [80]

15. «I know that everything can happen to me, but I also know that not everything will happen to me, and so I hope for the favourable and I am prepared for the adverse».

16. «Let this be the rule of our life: say what we feel, feel what we say. In short, the word goes in accordance with the facts ». [81]

Who was Seneca?

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