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Do you know which are the Autonomous Communities of Spain?

Spanish cultureThe Autonomous Communities of Spain

The Autonomous Communities of Spain are the parts into which the Spanish territory is divided and each one has its own characteristics and names.

Spain is politically divided into 17 regions called Autonomous Communities, plus two Autonomous Cities in North Africa which are Ceuta and Melilla.

Comunidades Autónomas Map
Comunidades Autónoma. Mapa de España

The 17 Autonomous Communities of Spain are:

  Comunidades Autónomas Gentilicios
    masculino, femenino
1 Andalusia andaluz, andaluza
2 Aragón aragonés, aragonesa
3 Asturias asturiano, asturiana
4 Balearics balear
5 Canarias canario, canaria
6 Cantabria cántabro, cántabra
7 Castilla-La Mancha castellanomanchego, castellanomanchega
8 Castilla y León castellanoleonés, castellanoleonesa
9 Catalonia catalán, catalana
10 Extremadura extremeño, extremeña
11 Galicia gallego, gallega
12 La Rioja riojano, riojana
13 Madrid madrileño, madrileña
14 Murcia murciano, murciana
15 Navarra navarro, navarra
16 Basque Country vasco, vasca
17 Valencia valenciano, valenciana







1 Ceuta ceutí
2 Melilla melillense


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