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Christmas Living Nativity Scene and more

Living Nativity Scene and more

A Living Nativity scene is the same as a nativity scene portal but with people representing the birth of Jesus and the daily tasks of that time.

A nativity scene portal, also called a birth or manger, is a representation of small figures of the birth of Jesus.

It is a very popular tradition, in Spanish and Latin American homes, as well as in other countries.

portal of bethlehem
portal of bethlehem

The basic figures in a nativity scene portal are Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the ox and the mule.

From there, you can add figures such as shepherds, sheep and small animals, wise men, an angel, the eastern star, a river, bridges, houses,…

Living nativity scenes

But one of the most relevant types of nativity scenes that you can see throughout the Spanish geography, are the living nativity scenes.

Children are the protagonists in the live nativity scenes that take place in any school just before the Christmas holidays and during the Christmas days.

Belén Viviente Niños
Belén Viviente Niños

Living Nativity Scene La Bazana

Belen Viviente de La Bazana 2017 – RTV JEREZ

With people, clothes and decorations of the time in real size, representing the birth of Jesus and the daily life of that time.

It simply envelops you and transports you back in time to those distant days of the first century.

Public Exhibitions of Nativity Scenes

Another tradition is to visit the nativity scenes open to the public.

Belén Asociación Belenistas Villena – Arciprestazgo Villena -Canal TV

Bethlehem exhibition video. Villena nativity scenes.

Alone or with the family, it is typical to visit the nativity scenes displayed inside buildings such as town halls, museums, churches,… in which every detail of the birth and daily life of the time of Jesus is recreated.

To then finish, surely, having a hot chocolate with churros in any cafeteria.

Merry Christmas!

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