Tapas informales e irresistibles

Tapas – informal and irresistible

Tapas are informal and irresistible

It is a typical and very popular meal of Spanish cuisine that is served in small portions.

They are very varied in flavours, but all irresistible.

They are taken at home or in any bar or restaurant in Spain.

Mushroom tapa with duck foie gras foam-Allo e aceite

There are tapas to choose from for all tastes, hot or cold and traditional or designer.

They can also be meat, fish or vegetables, but all are equally irresistible at any time.

Tapas informales bandejas
Trays of tapas inside a showcase

They are usually taken with a cold beer or a glass of wine, but you can also have them with other types of non-alcoholic drinks.


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Tapas informales e irresistibles jamón
Ración de jamón con picos

The tapas are informal and irresistible. It is a typical and very popular Spanish food that is served in small portions. They are very varied in flavour.


Tapas informales e irresistibles Ensaladilla
Tapa de Ensaladilla

Some essential accompaniments in many types of tapas such as ham, cheese, salad or potato omelette, among many others, are slices of bread and pickles, roscos or breadsticks, depending on their shape.

Picos are crispy bread sticks that usually accompany tapas. There are many types according to their shape, such as roscos or breadsticks.

Tapas informales e irresistibles Tortilla
Tapa de tortilla de patatas


The Spanish tortilla or tortilla tapa is one of the most popular and internationally known dishes.

Rich and tasty, the potato omelette appeals at any time.

The pintxos

Another variant of tapas is the pintxos, but just as informal and irresistible.

The pintxos are the typical variety of the north that consists most of the time in putting the food on a small piece of bread held with a toothpick, and from there comes its name.

Tapas informales e iresistibles Pinchos

The Montaditos

The montaditos are another variety of tapas.

In this case, the food is usually put inside a small piece of bread or on a slice of bread.

Tapas informales e iresistibles Montaditos
Sirloin and ham montadito

Like any tapa, the pintxos and montaditos can also be hot or cold and cooked or with sausages, but always a delight for your senses.


What is tapas?

“Tapear” or “Ir de tapas” is to eat based on tapas in one or several bars.

Tapas is ideal when you go out with friends or as a couple.

Of course, you can also prepare tapas at home to receive friends or for any celebration.

Tapas are associated with talks, laughter, camaraderie, friends,…

As you want, when you want and with whom you want, but let’s go for tapas!

Tapas informales e iresistibles Pinchos
“Go for tapas”

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