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Negro José Biography: The Rhythmic Odyssey of an Afro-Ecuadorian Maestro

In the colorful mosaic of Ecuador’s musical tapestry, one luminary figure emerges as a pioneer, a rhythm maestro whose beats echo the resilience, spirit, and cultural richness of Afro-Ecuadorians. This is the story of Negro José, born José Antonio Jiménez in the vibrant coastal city of Esmeraldas. His life’s journey is an enchanting exploration of Afro-Ecuadorian music, a legacy that continues to resonate not only in the hearts of his people but also across borders, creating a rhythmic bridge between tradition and modernity.

Roots in Esmeraldas:

Negro José’s story begins in the rhythmic embrace of Esmeraldas, a coastal province with a rich cultural heritage. Born on January 15, 1950, his early years were steeped in the traditions of the Afro-Ecuadorian community. Esmeraldas, with its unique blend of African, Indigenous, and Spanish influences, provided the perfect backdrop for the formation of José’s musical identity.

The Birth of a Percussionist:

In the narrow streets of Esmeraldas, young José found his calling amidst the vibrant sounds of drums, marimbas, and the enchanting rhythms of the marimba de chonta. The rhythmic beats that emanated from neighborhood gatherings and communal celebrations became the heartbeat of his childhood. At the tender age of six, he picked up the drumsticks, beginning a lifelong journey of rhythm that would earn him the affectionate moniker, “Negro José.”

Afro-Ecuadorian Musical Traditions:

Negro José’s mastery of percussion instruments, particularly the marimba de chonta, immersed him in the heart of Afro-Ecuadorian musical traditions. The marimba, an instrument with African roots, became the canvas on which José painted his musical expressions. He delved into the ancestral rhythms of the Afro-Ecuadorian communities, fusing traditional beats with his unique interpretations, creating a sonic narrative that spoke to the soul.

Breaking Barriers:

Negro José’s ascent in the music scene was not without its challenges. As an Afro-Ecuadorian artist in a society where racial dynamics played a significant role, he faced prejudices and stereotypes. However, his resilience and undeniable talent shattered these barriers. Through his music, he became a symbol of pride for the Afro-Ecuadorian community, challenging preconceptions and showcasing the richness of their cultural contributions.

The Marimba as a Cultural Beacon:

At the core of Negro José’s musical journey is the marimba de chonta, an instrument that transcends mere notes and melodies. The marimba, crafted from the chonta palm, carries the legacy of Afro-Ecuadorian ancestry. José’s virtuosity on the marimba transformed it into a cultural beacon, a symbol of resilience and a bridge connecting generations.

Afro-Ecuadorian Identity in Sound:

Negro José’s music is a celebration of identity, an ode to the Afro-Ecuadorian experience. His compositions, deeply rooted in the rhythms of ancestral Africa, intertwine with the melodies of Ecuador’s coastal landscape, creating a harmonious blend that encapsulates the essence of his people. Through his beats, he not only preserved traditions but also forged a new narrative, one that embraced the past while looking toward a future where Afro-Ecuadorian culture thrives.

Collaborations and Global Recognition:

Negro José’s impact extends beyond the shores of Ecuador. His collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds have not only enriched his own repertoire but have also brought Afro-Ecuadorian rhythms to the global stage. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional beats with contemporary sounds has earned him recognition and admiration, positioning him as a cultural ambassador for Ecuadorian music.

Educational Legacy:

Beyond his performances, Negro José has been dedicated to passing on his knowledge to future generations. His commitment to education has seen him establish music schools and workshops, ensuring that the art of Afro-Ecuadorian percussion is preserved and shared. Through these initiatives, he continues to inspire a new wave of musicians who carry the torch of their cultural heritage.

Legacy in the 21st Century:

As we navigate the 21st century, Negro José’s legacy lives on. His impact on Afro-Ecuadorian music reverberates in the works of contemporary artists who draw inspiration from his rhythms. The beats he crafted with passion and precision continue to echo in the streets of Esmeraldas and beyond, a testament to the enduring power of music to transcend time and space.


Negro José’s biography is a rhythmic odyssey, a journey that encapsulates the spirit of Afro-Ecuadorian culture through the beats of the marimba de chonta. From the narrow streets of Esmeraldas to global stages, his life story is a testament to the transformative power of music. As we immerse ourselves in the rhythmic tapestry he wove, we find not just a biography but a symphony of a life devoted to preserving, celebrating, and sharing the vibrant beats of Afro-Ecuadorian heritage. Negro José stands as a beacon, his legacy resonating in the hearts of those who continue to dance to the rhythm of his extraordinary life.

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