Chivito recipe: The Pride of Uruguayan Cuisine

Chivito, often hailed as the national dish of Uruguay, is a mouthwatering sandwich that packs a punch of flavor and texture. This iconic dish is a celebration of Uruguayan culinary heritage, combining tender slices of beef, savory ham, creamy cheese, tangy mayonnaise, and an array of flavorful toppings, all nestled between two slices of crusty bread. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or a hearty meal, the Chivito embodies the essence of Uruguayan cuisine and is a beloved favorite among locals and visitors alike. In this article, we’ll explore the ingredients and preparation methods for making an authentic Uruguayan Chivito, allowing you to savor the flavors of Uruguay in your own kitchen.


  1. Beef Steak: The heart of a Chivito sandwich is a juicy and flavorful beef steak. Traditional choices include sirloin (lomo), tenderloin (bife de chorizo), or ribeye (entraña). The steak should be tender and cooked to your preferred level of doneness.

  2. Ham: Thinly sliced ham adds a savory and salty contrast to the beef in a Chivito sandwich. Choose a high-quality ham, such as smoked or cured ham, for the best flavor.

  3. Cheese: Creamy cheese is an essential component of a Chivito sandwich, providing richness and depth of flavor. Common choices include mozzarella, provolone, or the traditional Uruguayan cheese known as “queso Colonia.”

  4. Bread: Crusty bread is the vessel that holds all the delicious ingredients together in a Chivito sandwich. Traditional choices include a soft baguette or a crusty roll, although any sturdy bread that can hold up to the fillings will work well.

  5. Mayonnaise: Tangy mayonnaise adds moisture and flavor to the Chivito sandwich. You can use store-bought mayonnaise or make your own homemade mayonnaise for an extra special touch.

  6. Toppings: The beauty of a Chivito lies in its versatility, so feel free to customize your sandwich with your favorite toppings. Common additions include sliced tomatoes, lettuce, roasted red peppers, olives, hard-boiled eggs, and pickles.

  7. Condiments: In addition to mayonnaise, other condiments such as mustard, ketchup, or chimichurri sauce can be added to enhance the flavor of the Chivito sandwich.


  1. Cook the Steak: Start by cooking the beef steak to your preferred level of doneness. Season the steak with salt and pepper, then cook it on a grill or in a skillet over medium-high heat until it reaches the desired level of doneness. Let the steak rest for a few minutes before slicing it thinly against the grain.

  2. Assemble the Sandwich: Slice the bread horizontally and spread a generous amount of mayonnaise on both cut sides of the bread. Layer the sliced steak, ham, and cheese on one half of the bread, then add any additional toppings and condiments of your choice.

  3. Heat the Sandwich: If desired, you can heat the assembled sandwich in a panini press or skillet to melt the cheese and warm the fillings. Alternatively, you can enjoy the Chivito sandwich cold or at room temperature.

  4. Serve and Enjoy: Once the sandwich is heated and the cheese is melted, remove it from the panini press or skillet and place the other half of the bread on top. Cut the sandwich in half diagonally and serve immediately, accompanied by your favorite side dishes such as French fries, potato salad, or a simple green salad.

Tips for Success:

  • Choose Quality Ingredients: The key to a delicious Chivito sandwich is using high-quality ingredients. Invest in fresh, tender beef steak, flavorful ham, creamy cheese, and crusty bread for the best results.

  • Slice the Steak Thinly: For a tender and easy-to-eat sandwich, be sure to slice the cooked steak thinly against the grain. This will help to ensure that the steak is tender and easy to bite through.

  • Customize to Taste: Feel free to customize your Chivito sandwich with your favorite toppings and condiments. Get creative and experiment with different flavor combinations to suit your taste preferences.

  • Serve with Traditional Sides: Chivito sandwiches are often served with traditional Uruguayan side dishes such as French fries or potato salad. Consider serving your sandwich with these classic accompaniments for an authentic dining experience.

  • Enjoy with Friends and Family: Chivito sandwiches are best enjoyed with friends and family, so gather your loved ones and share this delicious Uruguayan dish together. Serve the sandwiches with cold drinks and good conversation for a memorable meal.

In conclusion, Chivito is more than just a sandwich—it’s a culinary masterpiece that showcases the rich flavors and cultural heritage of Uruguay. By following this recipe and incorporating your own personal touches, you can create a delicious and satisfying Chivito sandwich that will transport you to the streets of Montevideo with every bite. So gather your ingredients, fire up the grill, and indulge in the irresistible flavors of this iconic Uruguayan dish.

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