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Chile: The most relevant newspapers

Certainly! Chile has a diverse and dynamic media landscape, with newspapers serving as key sources of information for the public. These newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including national and international news, politics, economics, culture, and more. Here’s an overview of some of the most relevant newspapers in Chile, along with their official URLs for online readership:

El Mercurio

El Mercurio is one of the oldest and most widely read newspapers in Chile. Founded in 1827, it has a long history and a reputation for providing comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, business, and culture. El Mercurio has both print and online editions, making it a crucial source of information for Chileans.

La Tercera

La Tercera is a prominent daily newspaper in Chile with a focus on news, politics, and culture. It is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis. La Tercera has a significant online presence, offering a platform for readers to access articles, analysis, and multimedia content.

La Segunda

La Segunda is another major newspaper in Chile, providing coverage of news, politics, sports, and entertainment. It caters to a diverse readership and has an online platform that offers daily news updates and feature articles.

El Desconcierto

El Desconcierto is a digital newspaper in Chile that focuses on investigative journalism and reporting on social issues. It covers news, politics, culture, and human rights. El Desconcierto has gained recognition for its independent and critical approach.


Ciper is a digital investigative journalism outlet in Chile. It is known for its in-depth research and reporting on issues related to politics, corruption, and social justice. Ciper plays a crucial role in uncovering stories that may not be covered by mainstream media.


Publimetro is a free daily newspaper with a significant online presence. It provides a concise overview of news, covering national and international events, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Publimetro targets a broad readership and is available both in print and online.

Diario Financiero

Diario Financiero is a leading business and financial newspaper in Chile. It focuses on economic news, market analysis, and reports on financial developments. Diario Financiero is an essential resource for professionals, investors, and those interested in economic trends.

La Cuarta

La Cuarta is a popular tabloid-style newspaper known for its entertainment and lighter news coverage. It caters to a diverse audience and provides a mix of news, sports, entertainment, and gossip. La Cuarta has a lively online platform.

El Mostrador

El Mostrador is a digital newspaper in Chile that covers news, politics, and culture. It is known for its independent journalism and diverse range of opinion pieces. El Mostrador has gained recognition for its critical approach to current affairs.

El Ciudadano

El Ciudadano is a digital newspaper that focuses on news and analysis with a progressive perspective. It covers social issues, politics, culture, and international affairs. El Ciudadano is an alternative news source with a commitment to social justice.

In conclusion, Chile’s media landscape is characterized by a mix of traditional and digital newspapers, each contributing to the country’s information ecosystem. These newspapers play a crucial role in keeping the public informed about national and international events, politics, culture, and economic developments. The diversity of outlets allows readers to access a range of perspectives and choose sources that align with their interests and values.

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